Sunday, May 31

INTERIOR | Mini room tour.


I have decided to do a little bedroom tour (mainly just my desk space and rail). I'm still in the process of minamalising and decorating my room the way I want it. As you can probably tell, I have a soft spot for Ikea. Every piece of furniture I have purchased is from there! I still have so many ideas on how to adjust things. Such as trying to find some illustrations to add to my 'magazine wall' and maybe paint a wall black? I'm not too sure yet but here is what it looks like right now. I've been asked a lot where my desk chair and bed cover is from, they're suprisingly both from Ebay.


  1. Anonymous31 May, 2015

    your room is small but it's really inspiring! i can't wait to get some space for myself as well :)

  2. adore your bedroom, looks so pinterest inspired! xx

  3. I love your sense of style and this bedroom is a dream!

  4. Very good tour revealing a good idea to manage all the things in the mini room which improves the House Design.