Tuesday, June 30


Here is a little look at the main items I carry around with me at all times.
First off, I bought this bag around four days ago and I am literally in love with it. It's from H&M and only £19.99! Such a bargain, I know!
So, as with most people I obviously cannot go a second without my phone. The case I have was a gift from my boyfriend from Case Scenario (you can't go wrong with a marble effect). I always have to carry a powder with me for my oily skin, at the moment I am using the Marc Jacobs powder with my Nars brush. I've also found a little and very cheap dupe of my favourite perfume Flowerbomb, It's called 'Oreintal' one of Zaras own brand perfumes. It is around £3 for a roller small size so well worth the money and so much easier to carry around.
I am always, always writing lists. So when I was gifted this little black note book from Nomadic I was delighted to be able to pop it into my bag to jot down everyday things. Of course eyeliner, concealer and an everyday lipstick are two things I always chuck in my bag. Usually 'Fresh Brew' by Mac or 'Deborah' by Nars.
Last but not at all least is my beloved Alexander Wang purse. I could never live without it!


  1. Love your bag - I've just done a post about the Sophie Hulme bucket bag and this is so similar for so much cheaper. I want! Those sunglasses too.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

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  3. Always inspiring to see what's inside someone else's bag haha!

    x Sophia

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